3 Simple Ways to Save on Gas

December 12th, 2014 by


Gas prices are hovering around $3.50 a gallon, but they seem to keep rising and rising. In fact, the spring and summer are the worst times of the year for gas prices since demand goes up as everyone starts taking road trips for weekend getaways and family vacations. Filling up can cost you anywhere from $50 to $60, depending on the size of your tank. You could spend even more if you own an SUV or a truck.

Over time, the cost of gas can really add up. Finding ways to save can help you control your overall budget and the cost of owning a car. Here are a few top ways that you can cut back on the cost of gas:

Use Gas Apps

Many apps are available that help you find the lowest prices on gas at the stores near you. Instead of driving around and wasting gas trying to find a store with the best prices, you just pull up the app and get a list of surrounding gas stations with current prices. Apps like GasBuddy are updated by other users, so you can trust that the data is current.


Reducing the amount you drive is the best way to lower your gas costs. Most of us either don’t have access to reliable public transportation like the subway or bus, or we just don’t have the time to take such transportation.

The easiest way to cut back on your driving is to participate in a carpool. If one isn’t already available at your workplace, consider organizing one yourself. Consider inviting employees from surrounding businesses to make your carpool more efficient.

Drive a Fuel-Efficient Vehicle

By choosing a car that is designed to be more fuel-efficient, you save gas whenever you are driving. Compact, family friendly vehicles are among the most common fuel-efficient models. Hybrid and electric vehicles will save you the most gas, though their availability may be limited, depending on the manufacturer you are looking at.

Shopping at an established car dealership can help you expand your options, including both new and used vehicles. Buy Here Pay Here Rhode Island dealerships can offer you some of the best options. These dealerships include a variety of fuel-efficient vehicles at affordable prices. You can save on buying the car and on the gas you’ll need to fill it up. Even if you have your eye set on a gas guzzler like a truck or an SUV, you can still save money by paying less on the purchase.