Employee Testimonials

Here’s What Our Employees Are Saying

Are you wondering what it is like to work at Shannon Motors? As you read these employee testimonials, you’ll gain some insight into our environment. You’ll be able to begin to understand how our employees work together in a collaborative manner, always keeping the best interest of our customers in mind.

Graeme Kapko

Graeme Kapko- Accounting

“Shannon Motors empowers me through my work. I recently just got promoted to full time and I am being trusted and delegated more responsibilities as I progress through my position.”

Lady Pimentel

Lady Pimentel- Administration

“The culture is very diverse. You have a lot of personalities. We get along and help each other out and teach each other new things in our own field of work.”

Bill Hinckley

Bill Hinckley- Assistant Manager

“Shannon Motors is always taking suggestions from their employees. In the 4 years I have been here I have seen over a dozen ideas that employees have suggested be implemented, including 2 of my own!”

Shannon Morin

Shannon Morin- Receptionist

“Shannon Motors is a great place to work! Not only do you build great relationships with your co-workers, you also build strong relationships with your customers. With every interaction, you are able to express your professional mentality to its fullest, learn new skills, and grow with one another.”

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Jessica Dercole- Account Representative

“Shannon Motors is a great place to work because the environment is a great learning environment which allows people to grow within the company. There are no limitations to the knowledge an employee can gain as long as they are diligent in learning the tasks assigned.”

Sabrina Melo

Sabrina Melo- Receptionist

“I believe the word that best describes the culture here at Shannon Motors would be collaborative. Everything we do here at Shannon Motors requires some sort of collaboration with another team member. From administration, to sales, to the garage, we are only successful because all of these departments work together as a team.”

Ashley Gauthier

Ashley Gauthier- Billing

“What I love most about my job is not only that I enjoy what I do, but my coworkers are always there to answer questions. Everyone in the company is here for you, to help you better yourself in your position. It’s a great team to work with, which definitely makes coming to work a lot easier!”

Noelle Johntson

Noelle Johnston- Administration

“I would recommend Shannon Motors as a great place to work because the work is very diverse and each position teaches you a new aspect of the inner workings of a small business.”