Cars for Sale in RI

2008 Nissan Altima

Finding cars for sale in RI is not a tough job, but finding a great, affordable car is definitely becoming more difficult, especially for bad credit buyers.

Browsing for sale by owner sites often leads to problems with uncared-for vehicles, while your typical big-box dealership is simply unsympathetic and unwilling to work with budget-conscious buyers.

Utilizing our vast inventory and three Rhode Island locations, however, Shannon Motors gives buyers convenience, confidence, and selection–which we believe are the most important aspects of car buying today.

Selling Great Used Cars in RI

With a variety of used cars, from nearly every make and model available, Shannon Motors provides Rhode Island car buyers with the selection needed to find a great car. We take pride in our inventory and how its variety helps provide options for buyers who often think they have none.

Used Car Benefits 101

Compared to used cars, people often think of new cars as superior. But after the economic downturn of 2008, used cars were seen in a much different light.

Where new cars depreciate rapidly, and cost more and more to maintain each year, gently-used cars have already seen the brunt of their depreciation, allowing buyers to save money over the lifetime of the vehicle.

Used cars also tend to receive much more affordable insurance premiums, especially for younger drivers. With an increased risk of accidents, young drivers of new cars can expect to not only pay a high premium for a new vehicle, but also for the protection needed to legally drive it.

The overall savings for the everyday driver is what really makes used cars so great, though.

Get Approved with Buy Here Pay Here

One of the biggest conveniences Shannon Motors offers is our Buy Here Pay Here service. Forget loan rejections from banks who only see you as a credit score, because we own the financing company and make the decisions around here.

Using our online financing application, you don’t have to sit around waiting for an answer because we’ll contact you. Along with our online trade-in appraisal, you can save tons of time here at the dealership!

For bad credit car buyers, this service often means the difference between owning a car and not being able to own a car. That’s the biggest source of pride for our dealership, as it allows people a second chance to reclaim their credit and start fresh.