How to Choose the Best SUV

December 12th, 2014 by


As one of the top used car dealers in RI, Shannon Motors has a wide selection of previously owned inventory at competitive prices. Because we sell affordable vehicles, we serve a good number of families. In the past, the minivan was the vehicle of choice for families since it provided the space they needed for transporting children and all the related gear. However, the SUV has quickly edged out the minivan because it offers many of the same features while still retaining its “cool” factor.

Whether you are looking for an SUV because you have a big family or because you just want more cargo space and like the way the SUV looks, you have plenty of options. Here are a few tips for how to choose the best SUV to fit your needs:

Passenger Space

Many SUVs offer no more passenger space than a typical sedan. They have two seats in the front and a bench seat in the back that can seat three, just like most cars. However, some SUVs have an optional third row of seating that can fold down in the cargo area. You will lose a little bit of space for carrying stuff, but you’ll have more space for carrying the most precious cargo of all: Your family.

Cargo Room

A lot of people choose an SUV because they want the extra cargo space, but they want to stick with a passenger vehicle instead of springing for a truck. Some SUVs have more cargo space than others. Boxy designs, like what the Kia Soul has, tend to offer more room than those with more streamlined designs. However, you can check the exact cubic footage for each SUV to see just how much storage space you are getting with your choice. Even a few extra feet can make a big difference.

Gas Mileage

Like trucks, SUVs can get poor gas mileage. You don’t want to trade off the benefits for an astronomical gas bill each year. Consider getting an electric or hybrid vehicle, or choose a model that gets good gas mileage. You can check the ratings before you buy, and you can test drive to see how the vehicle performs under real world conditions.

If you are in the market for an SUV, head down to Shannon Motors, one of the top used car dealers in RI, to find the perfect model for your needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff will help you find an SUV that has the features you need and fits your budget.