No, Buying a Used Luxury Car Isn’t a Crazy Thought

December 12th, 2014 by


Though at first it might seem like a pretty wild idea, buying a used luxury car instead of purchasing a new economy model can have major advantages.

Searching for the right used luxury vehicle at RI used car dealerships might just lead you to the most important ride of your life. Representing yourself in distinct style can take you right to the top.

Save Yourself Money

Used luxury cars typically cost the same or less than a new compact car. So instead of buying a run-of-the-mill commuter, you can save money and get behind the wheel of a vehicle with sophistication.

You’ll also be saving money because used luxury cars have much lower depreciation. When they’re purchased new, they lose more of their value over the first 5-6 years than other standard vehicles. That’s because the retail markups for new luxury models are so high.

When you buy a recent model that’s in perfectly good condition, but not brand new, you don’t suffer the loss of all of that depreciation. You get directly into a luxury car with great trade-in or resale value.

Get the Features You Want

It’s true, you could go new and get the base model of an economy car that has the lowest price tag. But what fun is that?

If you buy a luxury vehicle, you’ll be able to get your hands on so many more features like park assist, a sunroof, climate control, leather seats, heated seats, etc.

Getting those features new adds up quickly. By going with a used luxury model, you could give yourself a whole new driving experience that you might otherwise never have access to financially.

Make an Impression

Perhaps above all, it’s important to note that a luxury car leaves an impression, and most people who own them purchase as a way to demonstrate status.

It’s like dressing for the job you want instead of the job you have. Driving the right car can also make you look like a boss and let people know you’re headed places.