How to Save Time and Money on Car Insurance

December 12th, 2014 by

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You’ve found the car you’ve been dreaming about at one of your favorite RI used car dealerships, and you’ve worked out all the purchase details. You couldn’t be more excited!

You’re going to drive your car home, post about your new love on Facebook, and then proceed to show off your ride to all of your friends.

But oh wait, there’s a few tiny details to take care of. Registration is pretty straightforward so no problem. However, insurance can be an entirely different ballgame.

Getting quotes and comparing all the numbers can turn into a real hassle, and it can put a damper on the flurry of happiness you feel when you invest in a new vehicle.

Simplify things for yourself and follow these tips. Then put the time and money you save toward that gorgeous car of yours.

Get an Agent

Ask around and find an independent agent who can take care of a lot of the dirty work for you. These kinds of insurance agencies already have relationships with a number of reliable companies.

They can put together the numbers for insurance packages from several different companies and recommend the ones that would be best for you.

Instead of doing all the calling yourself, get a hand. Plus, insurance agents have valuable experience and know all of the ins and outs that you might not be familiar with.

They can help ensure that you make an excellent choice so you stay protected without unloading your wallet.

Ask about Discounts

When you talk to the agency, ask about discounts that can help reduce your monthly payments. You can often get deals based on:

  • Driver’s Education
  • Your Driving History
  • Your Car’s Safety Features
  • The Fuel Efficiency of Your Vehicle
  • Your Car’s Mileage
  • Company Loyalty

Different insurance brands have a variety of offers, so save yourself all the legwork and ask your agent about similar discounts.

You can also save a lot by bundling your coverage. Do you have a second vehicle? Do you own a home? Combining insurance policies can save you hundreds of dollars a year.

Get the Right Amount of Coverage

Before you even begin searching, make sure you know what the minimum coverage for your state is. Then use that information to determine to what extent your insurance plan should go.

Consider the value of your vehicle. Also think about how much coverage you need for personal injury. Do you already have health and/or disability insurance that would cover you in case of an accident?

By trimming unnecessary aspects of your plan, you can bring your monthly payments down even more. Just make sure you work closely with your agent to determine what’s essential and what’s not.