Shannon Motors in Johnston: Simple But Useful Car Accessories

January 29th, 2016 by

Johnston, Rhode Island – Face it, we spend more time in our cars than we would like to admit. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, on average, Americans now spend almost 100 hours a year commuting in their cars. Whether you’re going to work, driving the kids to school, or out running errands, Shannon Motors in Johnston wants to help make your trip a little bit more enjoyable with the top 5 hottest accessories for your vehicle.

Keep Your Coffee Hot with Wagan 12v Heated Travel Mug

Have a long drive ahead of you? Keep your coffee or tea hot with a heated travel mug that plugs right into your car! For the individual on the go, this is great to have in your car to keep soup fresh and ready for you to enjoy. Not to mention, it comes in a pair! $12.99 at Walmart

Portable heated mug for your car.

Keep Your Car Clean and Pet Safe with Pawslife Quilted Pet Hammock Seat Cover

We can’t forget about man’s best friend! Provide a safe and comfortable place for your dog, while protecting the interior with the Pawslife Quilted Pet Hammock Car Seat Cover. Not only does this seat cover provide a secure cradle for your dog, but it keeps your car nice and clean! $29.99 Bed Bath and Beyond

Dog Hammock


Prevent Purse and Bag Spills with Purse Pouch

Where to stash your purse? Some ladies get into the unsafe habit of keeping it by their feet. Other’s stash them in the passenger side or on a seat, which often leads to purses tipping over and items falling out. The Purse Pouch is the perfect solution for keeping your purse, gym bag, back pack, brief case or computer case safely stored. $9.99 kmart

purse pouch

Clean Up Messes with ArmorAll’s Wet/Dry Vacuum

This awesome mini vacuum is specifically designed to clean the interior of the car. It is able to handle both wet and dry pick up, and has a 15 ft. cord that plugs right into your vehicle. Perfect for any neat freak! $19.97 Home Depot

487c5239-58ec-464f-a6d5-e5305afea611_1000Stay Charged with Scosche revolt 24W Mini USB Charger

One of the best selling chargers on the market, the Scosche reVOLT 24W Mini USB Charger is a small but powerful car charger for USB-powered devices. The two plugs of this connector pack provide the fastest service possible and they can power two units at once.  $13.00 Walmart

k2-_388369d1-40e0-440d-ade3-e3efa357f302.v1While vehicle accessories are nice, some of you may be looking for a much bigger accessory; a car! Shannon Motors offers an extensive inventory of preowned vehicles from cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. Whether you are looking for foreign or domestic, we are Rhode Island’s leader for used cars because we offer in house financing. Check out our inventory, or come down to one of our locations! Call 1-800-559-1000 today!