The Best Time to Shop for a Car

December 12th, 2014 by


Shopping for a car is nothing like shopping for groceries, but a lot like it at the same time. When you need a car, you need it fast, and Buy Here Pay Here Dealers in RI know it. Because in many cases, you can’t get to work without a car, which makes matters that much worse.

But if you have the luxury of timing your next car purchase, don’t let money start burning a hole in your pocket. Do your best to time your purchase with the market, manufacturer incentives, and the inner workings of dealerships.

Here’s your guide to the best time to shop for a car:

Time of Day: Late

If you know what you want, get in to the dealership late and start negotiating the price you want with a salesperson. Make them and their finance team late to dinner and you may be able to squeeze the best deal possible out of an exhausted staff.

Time of Week: Early

Nobody shops for a car on a Monday, right? Wrong! The car buyers who get the best deals make sure they’re shopping on a weekday while most people are at work. Not only will that guarantee you some attention, you may be the only interested buyer on the lot.

Time of Month: End

Many dealerships have quotas set for salespeople, and the end of the month is the perfect time to snatch a deal from a struggling or ambitious car salesman. If you make it clear you understand the car-buying game, they’ll work with you to get the best deal possible.

Time of Year: December (or any winter month)

Near the end of the year, manufacturers may have new model years on the lot next to old model years that are starting to age. If you don’t mind getting the oldest of the newest, you can score an incredible deal on a new-ish car during December and other winter months when most people are too busy worrying about the weather.