The Shannon Motors 2 Year or 24,000 Mile Limited Warranty, Buying a Used Vehicle Without the Usual Worry

December 28th, 2018 by

Having a personal vehicle is one of the most convenient luxuries one can afford, allowing you to run any type of errand at a moment’s notice or head off for a weekend excursion with the family packed nicely inside. The downsides to vehicle ownership are when they have mechanical or electrical issues, which is when shop bills can easily reach over $1,000 for even something small, or several times that amount if it ends up being something worse, not to mention the time you’re left without a vehicle while it’s being fixed. Can you imagine if in the middle of a busy work week your only means of transportation were to quit working? What then?

What options do I have to protect myself from costly vehicle repairs?
Nobody likes having to come up with a giant amount of cash at a moment’s notice in exchange to get their vehicle fixed. It is for this reason that many Car Buyers choose to invest in additional coverage options meant to keep their costs low should something ever happen mechanically. These additional service agreements can cost thousands of dollars and unless purchased at the same time as the vehicle must be either paid for in full up front, or by opening a second loan to cover the amount.

Wait…Shannon Motors does what?!?!
That’s right, on most of our vehicles we include a 24 Month or 24,000 Mile Limited Warranty*, whichever comes first, good at any of our 4 locations. This Shannon Motors exclusive is meant to show our customers that we stand behind the vehicles we sell and believe that nobody deserves to be without reliable transportation. This value-packed Limited Warranty covers most major systems including the Engine, Transmission, and Suspension, ensuring your day goes by without hassle, leaving you with more time to do the things you love with the people that matter the most.

Buy with confidence from your friends at Shannon Motors
When looking for a quality pre-owned vehicle that will allow you to do the things you enjoy, consider the friendly professionals at Shannon Motors, where our customer-centered way of doing things shines through in everything we do.

We’ve been in business for over 35 years and have helped find homes for over 25,000 different vehicles during that time, and that means many happy people, with many happy families. Come on down and experience the difference by shopping with confidence today at Shannon Motors.

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