Tis the season to renew!

May 16th, 2018 by

Every May, our Easy Auto Leasing customers who purchased the year prior will have to renew their registration. Here are the steps we follow for these renewal. The first step is we, Shannon Motors, receive them in the mail from the DMV. They are then sorted, alphabetized and customer information is written on each. Every renewal is a different amount based on when it was registered and the vehicle information. Most range from $91.50 to $143.50.
After they are sorted, the balance for each customer is added to their account to reflect when they call in or come in to make their car payment. We recommend that that the renewal be paid as soon as possible due to the DMV renewal process. Once the customer has made the payment, we renew the registration. It can take the DMV once we renew it online two-three weeks to process the renewal and generate a registration.

Once the renewal is processed, we receive it in the mail with stickers good for two years. We make copies for our records and call the customers to let them know it is available for pickup. We can mail the renewal but if it is lost, it is the customer’s responsibility to replace it. This process makes it as simple for the customer as possible and ensures the renewal of the registration!

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