What are the Best Used Car Brands for You?

December 31st, 2015 by

Car salesman pointing out features to customerLooking for a used car in the Johnston and Providence area, but don’t want to invest in a car that might let you down? Many cars are made to last, and it’s important to know which ones will hold up time and time again. Shannon Motors is proud to bring you this list of the most reliable brands to buy used.


Chevrolet has always had affordable and powerful cars. Choices like the Chevrolet Sonic are affordable and economical, especially if you focus on models from the late 2000s or later, while the Silverado pickups or most of the full-sized SUVs are reliable and as tough as any vehicle on the market.


Dodge is best known for their pickup trucks, which are unfailingly high quality. The Ram pickups and Grand Caravan minivans are known for running well even with high mileage, and will last for years if properly maintained.


Ford is known for reliable cars through the entire spectrum, from its most economical compact cars to its sportiest muscle cars. The Ford Focus is one of the highest-rated compact hatchbacks on the market, while the Ford F-150 pickup truck is the best-selling vehicle in the country.


Honda is known for its sensible and fuel-efficient family cars, and the Honda Civic is consistently rated as one of the best cars for young drivers because of its low maintenance costs and great fuel economy. Honda cars are built to last, and consumers know it–Honda cars fetch high resale prices because of the great reputation.


Toyota cars are one of the most highly rated cars in the United States. They’re one of the best-selling brands in the country and are highly dependable. Known for affordable and low-maintenance vehicles, Toyota won’t let you down.


Nissan has created a brand that really focuses on quality and reliability. There is a wide variety of Nissan vehicles that have all proven their worth. Nissan is known as a car brand that will last and will let the consumer get their money’s worth.


The Mazda 3, Mazda 5, Miata, and MX-5 have all received incredible reliability scores over the years. Mazda has given drivers options for sports cars, SUV’s, sedans, crossovers, and anything a consumer may need. The reliability of Mazda will make a great choice for drivers looking for a used car.


At Shannon Motors we always keep a full inventory of gently used luxury vehicles. Sometimes drivers want the luxury feel without paying the new price. Buying a used luxury vehicle is a great way to get that luxury feel and look without breaking the bank.

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