What To Expect At A Buy Here Pay Here Lot

May 6th, 2019 by

There are many options available when it comes to the best place to buy a vehicle – but are some better than others? Let’s take a quick look at the different types of dealerships, and what you can expect upon arrival.

New-car dealer

If there’s a large manufacturers logo out front, then you’re likely at a new-car dealer. They can be small and sell a single brand, or they can be giant, with 4 or 5 different makes. Let’s review a few pros and cons of visiting a new lot:

Pros –

  •  New vehicles – If you like the idea of being the only person to add miles to a vehicle, then a new-car dealer is where you need to go. Having first-hand knowledge of a vehicle’s mechanical history can be a great source of confidence.
  • Warranty – New vehicles come with a full warranty. This is an extreme confidence builder if you’re worried about mechanical issues in the future.
  • The smell – The coveted “new car smell,” is one of the most stimulating experiences of the entire process. If this is an essential component of your car buying experience, there’s nowhere else you’ll find it than at a new-car dealership.

Cons –

  •  Another number – New-car dealerships often assist hundreds of clients per week. This makes it tough when a particular application needs some expert attention.
  • Price – New vehicles are expensive, it’s as simple as that. They also depreciate heavily the very moment you leave the lot.
  • The hard sell – Large dealers speak with hundreds of clients per month and focus on quickly moving from one to the next. This can make shoppers feel pressured and confused due to all the information thrown at them.

Buy here pay here dealer

A buy here pay here dealer specializes in pre-owned vehicles. They also offer financing options and service contracts.  These are usually operated by a handful of experts that are dedicated to making the impossible – possible.  If you don’t care about a few miles, and don’t need a specific smell to be happy, then a reputable pre-owned dealer is a great option.  Here are a few things to consider when visiting a buy here pay here dealer:

Pros –

  •  Attention – Small dealers see only a few customers per week. If your situation requires extra care, the experts at a used dealer are solution-focused and can likely help.
  • In-house financing – If your credit is struggling, then a buy here pay here dealer is what you need. They usually have strong relationships with several lending institutions. Some even provide their own in-house source of financing.
  • Personal touch – If you dread the hassle of the car buying experience, know that there is a more simple alternative. Instead of being pressured into making a tough decision, figure out a solution with someone who understands.

Cons –

  •  Reputation – Many honest pre-owned dealers struggle with reputation. This is often due to dishonest or untrustworthy competitors.
  • Quality vehicles – Many dealers lack a quality inspection process. Often choosing to cover up, or hide large repairs that should be a priority.
  • No warranty/No help– Not every vehicle on a pre-owned lot still has warranty coverage. It’s common that if an issue comes up, many used dealers will deny responsibility.

The Shannon Advantage

We operate a little differently here at Shannon Motors – we believe that everyone has the right to own a quality, reliable vehicle – without the negative aspects usually associated with a pre-owned dealer.

We offer no-hassle financing options, free trade-in inspections, and include up to a 24 Month/24,000 Mile Limited Warranty* on every vehicle we sell. It’s no wonder that we’ve been awarded the New England Independent Auto Dealer Association Dealer of the Year award not once but twice. We’ve learned a lot over the last 40 years, which is why we offer a huge selection of quality pre-owned vehicles. We invite you to visit any of our 4 locations in either Johnston, Providence, Woonsocket or Somerset.

*Exclusions apply