Why Used Cars are the Best Choice for Teens

December 12th, 2014 by


The idea of your teenager driving around by himself may be so terrifying that you may want to chauffeur him around forever. But you can’t actually do that. It’s better to gracefully accept the inevitable instead of trying to fight it.

When it’s time to buy a car for your teen, or to help him pick one out to buy himself, shopping at used car dealerships in RI is the best choice. Here are just a few reasons why a used car is the best choice for teens:

Affordable Pricing

Whether your teen is buying the car himself or you are buying the car for him, the budget will likely

be limited. You may already be making payments on your own car and may not have much left over to put toward your teen’s car. He may have saved some money for the car, but he can only work part-time and will have limited funds. Used car dealerships in RI offer affordable pricing without asking you to sacrifice on the quality of the car.

Diverse Selection

Used car dealerships in RI have a much wider selection than what you will find at new car dealerships. You won’t be limited to choosing the latest models. Instead, you can choose from models from the last decade or so from dozens of manufacturers. You’ll increase your chances of finding exactly the right vehicle for your teen, including the right safety features.

Flexible Financing

Many used car dealerships in RI have more flexible financing options than new car dealerships. For example, you might be able to get buy here pay here financing, which is perfect for teens, who likely don’t have any credit history or may even have poor credit. The flexible financing options will give teens the opportunity to finance and pay for their own car, which is ideal for families on a budget.

When you are ready to help your teen buy his first car, whether you are helping put money toward the purchase or just ensuring he makes the right decision, stop into Shannon Motors, one of the top used car dealerships in RI. We have the selection, affordable pricing, and flexible financing options to help your teen get the right car for the right price.